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Baby Krueger #4 will be joining our family of sweethearts Valentine’s Day 2021. We are so thankful that our prayers were answered and we get to welcome another beautiful child into the world. With all of the uncertainties and worries in the world at this time, it is refreshing to to finally have some good news to share.  Our parents were overjoyed when we told them, especially my mom, who I just want to hug each time I think about telling her.  We had been holding off on trying for another babe for several reasons…my brother’s wedding, a trip to Disney World that we had planned with my family for TWO years (all of which were canceled due to Covid); then I had nerves about Covid….but we put it in God’s hands, and I’m so happy that we aren’t putting life on hold anymore. The kiddos are ecstatic to have another Krueger sibling join the daily chaos that we call life! We have decided to do another surprise delivery, and we can’t wait to find out the gender. Owen is dying for a brother, and the girls are hoping for another sister; however, we just want a healthy baby, of course.  So….the week before Valentine’s Day, I’ll have a C-Section and we will find out what baby will be…..Boy or Girl, what do you think!?

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Also, some updates on the kiddos….

Ella Rose is a reading machine. She reads for hours each night and can’t stop, won’t stop. I’m so proud of how far she’s come this academic year, especially with the unexpected ending. She loves reading, ballet, gymnastics, and swimming. She has recently started Spanish, tennis, and swimming again and it’s been so nice to get back into some of her favorite activities.

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Owen is our energetic, physical, happy boy who also LOVES books. He loves anything villain or Scooby Doo and gets grumpy by 5pm 😉 since he’s our early bird. He loves riding his bike and scooter, playing with his “guys” and hot wheels. He is a great eater, very compliant, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He loves his tennis lessons and is proud of his swimming skills he has mastered this summer. He has also progressed with his Spanish lessons as well.

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Arabelle….oh our sweet, wild child. She’s spunky and one of a kind. She holds her own with her siblings and is quite the character. She is extremely independent. She loves Minnie Mouse and Elmo, legos, reading, and look and find books. Her favorite thing to do is walk her baby doll and play kitchen and cars with Owen. She tells us she loves us a million times a day, which is currently my favorite thing.

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These kiddos have grown so much in just a few months, and I’ve been really grateful for this extra time at home with them. We took a road trip to Chicago and South Bend to spend extra time with family for a month which was awesome and so much fun with all of the cousins. I’m so grateful for this special, sweet time making memories with our families. We also took our first camping trip to the mountains, which was really fun and the kid’s favorite activity of the summer thus far.

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I’m sad summer is wrapping up, and I don’t like not knowing when we’ll see our families next. But, I pray each day that things will calm down soon. I know some days have been hard and long, but Ella Rose told me the sweetest/best thing recently that made me think…well, this was all worth it. We were walking home from her school after we gathered her good bye folder and I asked her, “so how do you feel about the way this year ended? Are you sad?” and she looked at me thinking deeply and said…”Nope Mama, because then I wouldn’t have learned the things I learned from you, like braiding my doll’s hair, cats cradle, and checkers.” And I cried a little, knowing…. we’re doing Ok. We can’t wait for 2021, a NEW year to welcome our little blessing.

 XO Jillian
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