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Hey Everyone! I wanted to write a post and update on life and the kids. I feel like time has really been flying, as cliche as that is to say, but it’s so true. I have taken a small step back from this blogging/instagram world to focus on the kiddos. Whenever I get the ambition to go full force, I find that I am taking away from them, so I have taken the pressure off and post when I want to post and what I want to post; rather than posting every day at the prime time. I also like to post what I’m comfortable with. There’s a level of privacy I like to keep and can’t fully give instagram and blogging my all. So if you’re wondering why it took a back seat that’s why. However, I do like to keep family and friends updated and share my fashion finds too. So I’ll do it as a fun outlet and as a memory sake.  

I feel like we’re finally at a good place with all of the babes now. Ella Rose is 5.5 years old, Owen is 3.5 and Arabelle turned 1 this summer. There are definitely a lot of chaotic moments with three toddlers, yet I find myself still wanting more. Brendan and I have always wanted a big family, but hopefully time will tell. I always wonder how moms say they feel “complete,” while I have not had that feeling quite yet. However, my body did take a hit after the third; I developed rectus diastasis and had to have my veins treated in my legs; yet, I would still love another baby down the road.   We had a great summer. We squeezed in a bunch of trips since we took it easy last summer with a newborn. We went to San Diego for a wedding, visited South Bend with Brendan’s entire family, went to Cape May with my parents, and visited Chicago and Minnesota. It was so busy, yet; so much fun to spend much needed time with family and friends.

Our first baby girl has officially started kindergarten! We are so proud of Ella Rose because she is absolutely thriving in full day kindergarten. She is in heaven each week, loves her new friends, and looks forward to going each day. As a parent, who struggled with the decision to send her either full/half day, I have to say this was the best parenting decision we have made. Seeing her so happy makes me so happy. She is still doing swim, dance, and Spanish and has really turned a corner. She’s so grown up all of a sudden. She is very quick ,and I know she’ll be something big some day. Watching her grow puts a smile on my face.

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Owen! He has started preschool two days a week and is really enjoying it. I’ll never forget him marching down the alley, first one out the door on that very first day. He was so proud to go to school like his big sis. He tells me all about his day on our walk home, and it’s so much fun to see him learning and growing. He is still our easy going, happy go lucky guy. He flies out of bed at 6 am, a ball full of energy and loves life. My favorite is when he says, “I love you so much mommy,” a number of times each day out of nowhere. He has the biggest heart and loves his sisters so much. He has recently dropped his nap, gah! I was not expecting that. I secretly think it’s because he has alone time with mommy while Arabelle naps and Ella Rosie is at school! ha 😉  He is still a very physical little guy, and I can’t wait to put him in some sports to get that energy out.

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Now onto Miss Arabelle, our little firecracker. Her personality has completely blossomed lately and she is such a fun little one. She holds her own, makes us laugh, and is so sweet and loving. She loves to cuddle, suck her thumb, and be with her brother and sister. She is determined, just like Ella Rose 😉 (not sure where this came from!?) and EXTREMELY social. She smiles and blows kisses at everyone, and loves people. She has about 15 words, signs, and just started walking at 14.5 months. It is so amazing to see how each kid is so unique. That is probably my favorite thing about being a parent, seeing their differences and watching them become their own person.

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We are still loving Denver and have lots of fun family visits and trips this year. We are really looking forward to the holidays.  Stay tuned!

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