Grit Up Series

I recently was asked by an old friend to take a look at her sister’s new book series. It is called “Grit Up.” The series includes eight books and a full curriculum to help children develop the social emotional skills needed to be successful and well adjusted. Being a teacher, reading specialist, and now parent, I have learned that there are never enough tools to have when teaching our children to become socially and emotionally strong. I really enjoyed these books and thought wow, these would be a great tool in the classroom to have.  If you’re looking to introduce your child to developing skills in the areas of social emotional learning,  I highly recommend these books. The eight books include: Emotion Commotion, Screech Speech, Grit Up, Empathy, Head and Heart, Care to Repair, Inner Celebration, Gratitude and Attitude. I loved reading these books with my kids, and love how they circle around and are very easy for young children to understand.  You can read about them before bed time, discuss them at the dinner table, and teach your child the right ways to deal with these issues as they grow and develop. Teachers, this series would also be a useful tool to have in the classroom to teach students how to interact with peers and cope with problems. There are never enough tools for teaching children developmental skills, and this series tackles all of the areas in order for them to be successful. Be sure to follow the author, Abbie on instagram at @gritupwithabbie . Her website can be found here: Grit Up.  She features a number of resources and tools for parents and teachers to use so be sure to check it out!

Thanks for reading! XO Jillian

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