My Pregnancy Must Haves

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I have used while being pregnant for the third time around. I am definitely already counting down the weeks because I am pretty tired these days chasing two other little babes around. There’s so much to do and get done before the baby; But, I’m praying everything works out with the time crunch. So here are a few of my favorite things I wanted to share.

    1. Pregnancy Pillow– I just bought this for this pregnancy and absolutely love it. It is so comfy, wraps around my body nicely, and doesn’t cause any sleeping issues. It definitely provides the support my body needs for this growing babe/belly.
    2. Foods- Wow. I definitely have a few must haves that I indulge in while pregnant. The first is Ice cream, because I am normally lactose intolerant (except when pregnant- so WEIRD!). My doctor says it is because the baby needs the calcium, which is great! So, I definitely indulge in this one only at this time because, I CAN! ha 😉 My favorite flavor right now, is the Golden Caramel Swirl from Trader Joe’s- you NEED to try it. Next, I love these Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with blueberries. When I was pregnant with Owen, I read a study that eating dark chocolate while pregnant makes happy babies. Therefore, I am definitely giving it another go, because Owen is definitely a happy little guy. As some of you know, I am a huge tea drinker and my favorite teas are: green, black, and lemon grass. Tea has a calming effect in so many ways for me, and I cannot get enough of it. There’s nothing better than starting my day off with a nice, hot cup of tea. Additionally, when I was in the early nausea stages of pregnancy, my sister- in- law sent these amazing Preggy Pops to help with the nausea and they are so yummy and sweet. I really enjoyed them during weeks 9-12 when I wasn’t feeling too hot and not many foods were appealing. The final go to food I like to eat while pregnant is, Nuts, apparently nuts make smart babies…So cheers to that!pregnancy must haves pic.jpg
    3. Books/DVD- I have one sleep book that I like to reread and refresh my memory with for baby’s arrival and a DVD about baby’s needs that I watched when Ella Rose was born, and it was a HUGE help. The one sleep book that I highly recommend for any new mommies out there is: “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.” This book is great because you can go right to the section for your child’s age and just read that. I like to read it before baby arrives and highlight/underline the important sections so I can refer to them once baby arrives, for daily reminders, when I’m sleep deprived. 😉  Next, the Dunstan Baby Languages video is AMAZING. It gives you the five types of cries for your baby and how to identify if they’re hungry, tired, gassy, etc. It is spot on, and I’m so happy I knew these cues for the last two babies. The lady who came out with this video was on Oprah years ago, so my Mom has given each of us her DVD to watch before our babies arrived.
    4. Maternity pants- I have two favorites that I love. One pair are the Blanqi Leggings which are great for full support and coverage of your belly. The second pair of pants are from Lululemon. They are both so comfy, soft, and supportive during those uncomfortable days of your pregnancy.
    5. Belly butter– Finally, the last thing I love to use while pregnant is Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Belly Butter. This lotion is so thick and strong, and works wonders to prevent stretch marks. When I was pregnant with Ella Rose, and she was a week late, stretch marks started to appear that last week she was over due, but because I used this daily, they actually went away. Therefore, I use it after every shower and even postpartum for a bit to ensure the stretch marks stay away!

    I hope some of these tips, clothing, books, etc are useful to you if you are expecting any little ones any time soon. Being pregnant is definitely a trial and error experience. However, these are all items that I wanted to share with you all, because I have been so happy with the results. Good luck to all of those other expecting mamas out there!

    XO Jillian

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