Reasons for doing a Gender Surprise for baby #3

Lately, I have been getting the question why? Why would we want to wait to find out the gender of our baby? Well….we have a few reasons for why we are waiting. First, while I personally prefer the gender surprise at birth, my husband is not as patient.  We made a deal that if we had a boy and a girl we would finally do a surprise…So here we are waiting until the delivery to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl, and  we are so pumped. I can even tell that Brendan is very excited for this big surprise!

baby 3 gender

Shirts are from this adorable Etsy shop: Ollie & Penny.

Second of all, we heard it is the neatest moment when the baby arrives and you finally get to know if you’ll be holding your baby boy or baby girl.  I cannot wait for that sweet moment of excitement and rush; nothing will beat it!

Third, it is already so much fun waiting with such anticipation. People have asked if I have a feeling of whether or not this baby is a boy or girl, but to be honest, I am completely stumped. At first I thought it might be a girl because I was breaking out a lot. Then, I thought baby was a boy because the way I have felt has been similar to my pregnancy with Owen. But then again at my last appointment, the heart beat was comparable to Ella Rose’s at that time in utero, so we went back to thinking it was a girl. Ella Rose is dying for a “baby sister with a red ribbon in her hair,” like the book “Baby Sister” (by Tomie dePaola). Hopefully she won’t be too disappointed if it’s another boy ;-). So…I guess we will see, and the surprise will be that much better because we have no clue!

Lastly, everything with Ella Rose and Owen was so planned. We found out the gender, we knew their names, and with this baby we are leaving everything a surprise. I honestly think doing a surprise gender for this baby bothers other people more than it does for us. Yet, we cannot wait to share the news with our family and closest friends when the time comes. Plus, adding bets for the gender will be fun too! Therefore, I cannot wait until June 1st (date of my C-Section) to find out if this sweet babe is a BOY or a GIRL.

Finally, I wanted to share the ways we revealed the gender of Ella Rose and Owen. With Ella Rose, Brendan actually found out first and then planned a gender reveal party. This was a lot of fun. But, honestly, I did not really like the fact that he knew what I was having before me ;-). We celebrated for our birthdays with our friends and family in St. Louis and the rest of us found out with a piñata filled with pink candy!


With Owen, we waited until the 20 week ultrasound. This was also fun because the ultrasound tech was so excited to find out with me since most people do the blood work test at 10 weeks these days. We then made an announcement with Ella Rose and blue balloons, sharing that she was going to have a brother!

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o gender 3

O gender

Dress is from another adorable Etsy shop: 40winksbyJ.

These pics were taken by my great friend Alicia Rose – Check her out!

We cannot wait to see if this baby will join the Krueger clan of grandbabies (which happens to be 2 boys and 7 girls so far) or the Terdy clan of grandbabies (1 girl (Ella Rosie) and 6 boys)! So crazy. We will be happy no matter what God has in store for us, and just wish for a healthy baby and delivery!

As you can see, we’re SO excited and can’t even hold still, so stay tuned! Baby 3, we’re waiting for you!

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