30…the best years.


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My mom and I were just having a conversation about why she believed this is the BEST time of life, and after thinking about it…I definitely agree. I can’t believe I’m 30, I used to think 30 was so old- time to get the mom cut and buy a mini van 😉 (seriously). But really, I wanted to reflect and share with you why I think my mom was right, this is the best time of my life and I’m really happy with this point of life right now. So here are 30 reasons why:

  1. My husband- the one who always keeps me calm and grounded in stressful situations. We’ve gone through so much together in the 8 years we’ve known eachother. From moving across the country with a 7 week old, surgeries, moving 4 times… through all of this we’ve continued to grow stronger and better together.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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2. Family/ Ella Rose and Owen- I love our growing family. My kids are my WORLD and I can’t even picture my life before them. I love waking up each morning, even though its 6:30am, and seeing their smiling faces every day. I love the traditions we are developing as a family, our family vacations, and the daily memories we are building together. I can’t wait to continue to watch our family grow.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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3. Our families- even though we live far away from everyone and do not have family close by, the distance has made us love and appreciate our families even more and cherish the time we do spend with them.

4. All of the babies- it is SO much fun watching our siblings have babies at the same time. It is amazing and so cool to see our children grow up together and be so close in age (on my side there are 6 boys and 1 girl all under 10 & on BK’s side there are 2 boys and soon to be 7 girls all under 9).

5. My Mama friends- These ladies have been through the ups and downs of motherhood with me, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. We’ve grown so close and have known eachother since our kiddos were babies, and I’m so happy to share this journey with them. They are all such GOOD friends, and I’m thankful for our friendship and for them always being there. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

6. Holiday traditions- it’s so neat setting our own family traditions for the kids to remember and maybe do with their own children some day.

7. Traveling- I love that we haven’t let kids stop us from exploring the world. Instead, we’ve brought them along and love watching them grow and explore the world with us.

8. Date nights- the nights I look forward to the most, when we are able to reconnect and spend quality time alone together.

9. Movie nights at home- our favorite thing since BK and I have been together, watching movies, eating popcorn & twizzlers, and drinking our favorite bottle of red wine. I am excited for when our kids can stay up later and participate with us.

10. Celebrating the kids’ birthdays and holidays-  The kids and I love coming up with costume ideas for Halloween now, picking birthday party themes, and putting up the Christmas tree together.

11. Continuing to watch our family grow- BK and I have a little saying, “never let it get too easy” with having kids because then we may be done. So whenever things start getting easier around the one and a half year mark we always get the itch to have another haha. Motherhood is tiring, and I want to do the hard years while I still have the energy!

12. Even though the days are long and the years are short, as they say, I am trying to soak up every minute I can with the kids and I absolutely love watching them grow up and become their own, unique person.

13. Going to bed early- I now officially have an excuse since our kids are early risers 🙂

14. Exploring with the kids every day- whether it’s the zoo, museum, or park. I love being able to be with them while watching them grow, learn, and explore life.

15. Snuggling- even though it comes in waves these days since they’re so busy, I want to remember singing to them in the rocker each night, smelling their lavender soaked skin, while kissing their tiny hands.

16. Difference in kiddos- this continues to amaze me that two little people, who came from the same people, can be so different, yet so amazing.

17. Sharing exciting news with our families- whether it’s a big move, having another baby, or other exciting news; our families are always supportive and it’s always so exciting hearing or sharing news with one another.

18. Spending Christmas and summers with our families- each christmas and summer we go back for a week or more to see our families. We always have fun playing game nights, watching the kids have dance parties, going downtown Chicago, and having big dinners. I love being able to share pieces of my childhood with Ella Rose and Owen.

19. Growing up- having kids forces you to grow up. Life isn’t about you anymore and I’ve learned that in so many ways. It’s been hard at times, but refreshing to help myself grow as a mom.

20. Days- Each day goes by quickly and the kids are growing up so fast, so I try my best to be the best mom I can be for them while being present for them.

21. Learning- I have learned so many things as a mom. Sometimes I feel like I can’t remember everything; Whether it’s how many ounces they need for a bottle, when they need to go nap, getting them everywhere they need to go. Some days I feel like I’m super mom, other days I’m rushing to get out the door wearing my pants inside out, literally.

22. Joy on the kids’ faces when we walk in the door- especially when Daddy comes home from work. I love watching them run to the door squealing and tackling him with kisses as he walks in after a long day.

23. Saying the things my mom/dad used to say to me- sometimes I laugh at the things that come out of my mouth to the kids and I have a deja vu moment from when I was a kid. It’s funny because you never think you’ll be like your parents, and then you are just like them:-)

24. Newborn days- even though they tend to seem like a blur, I always look forward to holding our newborn baby in my arms. Even though the first couple months can be exhausting, I’ve always felt like I’m on mom mode which makes me still smile at 2 am when they’re hungry and need to eat.

25. Buying baby clothes- sounds silly but as you can see from my blog posts- I ADORE kids’ clothes and it’s one of my favorite things to buy.

26. Shopping with my girl, Ella Rose- she is loving shopping these days with me, and I hope we can do this for many, many years to come together.

27. School days- even though Ella Rose is off to school already, one of my favorite things is hearing about her days, and I swear she seems older each week.

28. Growing pains- my mom and dad always shared that you grow from pain or suffering, from the book “The Road Less Traveled ” and I have found that true. I want to teach my kids this valuable lesson through life as well.

29. Teaching them daily, life lessons- whether it’s potty training, sleep training, or being kind and using manners, I want our kids’ to know how much they mean to us and how, because of them, this is the best time of my life. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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30. Remembering these years- since it seems like the best time in life, and I’m sure each point of life has great parts to it, I wish I could freeze time right now since I’m enjoying it so much. I wish my babies could stay little forever… But, doesn’t that take the fun out of watching them become who they’re supposed to be? Maybe, but for now, I’ll just enjoy their squeezies (hugs from Owen since he hugs us so tight sometimes his entire body shakes) and the best hugs from my Girl, Ella Rose.

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So whether you’re in the same point of life as me or will be in a few years, or maybe already have been through this, I hope this reflection means/meant something to you. But for now, I want to remember this time forever and know that,

“I’ll look back on this and smile, because it was LIFE, and I decided to live it.”

XO Jillian

Cheers to the BEST years!

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