Ella Rose 3.5 and Owen 1.5

I wanted to write an update on the kiddos since it’s been a while. Recently I read a quote that said “Time is no one’s friend and goes by way too fast” and that really hit home. Ella Rose is now three and a half and Owen is one and a half. This has been the best summer yet with them, and I’m only looking forward to many more fun summers as they continue to grow.

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We’ll start with Ella Rose. She is still as determined and driven as ever. This little lady never gives up and it is an attribute that at times can be hard to deal with, but in the end will take her very far in life. She really enjoys her activities (currently gymnastics and swimming). Her coach moved her up a level in gymnastics to the preschool advanced class.  She is learning real skills now- hand stands, cartwheels, backward rolls on floor; pull overs, chin ups, casts on bar, seat drops and straddle jumps on tramp, and walking forward and backward on beam. It is really fun to watch. She has very much enjoyed being challenged. Swimming is also going great. She can now swim back and forth across the width of the pool. She adores her coach and pretends to be her in the bath tub coaching her mermaids and babies. I am excited to watch her grow and see which activities she sticks with in life, but I think it’s best to expose her to as much as possible throughout her childhood to find her niche.

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Ella Rose started preschool for the first time at the end of August. She goes two days a week and seems to be enjoying it. My favorite thing about her going to school thus far are her sporadic comments about the day…she also sings her songs that typically have to do with the subjects of Jesus and love! She does the hand motions and gets really into it, which is so fun to watch.  I will be honest though and say there have been a few tough/sad days and my heart just breaks when she tells me she misses our time together. Man, if I could keep her at home forever I would, but I know this is the best thing for her and she will do great. After the first week it was really funny to hear her say, “Mommy I’m so tired, preschool is a long day and too much work! ” Too funny. To be completely honest, I didn’t expect to be so emotional myself with her going to school. No one really warned me how hard it can be for the mom! So if you’re reading this and couldn’t stop crying the first day, you are not alone and apparently other moms felt this way! ha. I really didn’t expect to feel so sad, and I missed our lazy mornings together drinking tea, watching movies, and snuggling…but to see her walk out of that classroom every day, carrying her tote like a little girl now; I have to say it is so neat watching her grow up and become her own little person. This learning curve is tremendous for her. Knowing how strong and determined she is…she will be fine, and I have to keep telling myself that. I can only wonder, if I am this emotional with the preschool transition, I know I will be a mess when the kids go away to college!


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Now, for Mr. Owen Patrick…our silly, happy boy. He is so busy and dangerous. I joke around and say he bleeds daily, but really the kid gets seriously hurt daily. I can’t figure out if that’s just a boy thing but he is into EVERYTHING. We have had far too many Doctor/ER visits with him in this adventurous first year. When I say Ella Rose and he are as opposite as can be, that is an understatement. It’s truly unbelievable to see how two siblings can be so unique…I love it. Right now he has eight teeth coming in! His teeth were a little slower to come in, but now…bang, they’re coming in all at once! He even has the little Krueger gap. He had a rough month dealing with the new teeth (teething previously hadn’t been an issue for him), but is now back to normal yey! He is such a sweet boy and loves making us laugh. He brings so much laughter to our home and makes us all so happy. He really has one of those personalities that draws you in and makes everyone happy around him. He is a social butterfly. When we are at a park, he’ll go right up to the big kids and start making them laugh and tries to play with them. He immediately joins in and is not the tad bit shy at all. He has about 15-20 words and is obsessed with music and airplanes. Speaking of music, Owen can dance, and isn’t afraid to show off his moves! At gymnastics every week, he joins in the warm up song with not only his class, but the class following his session as well! He moves right in the middle of the entire circle of moms/tots and dances for everyone. Recently we were at a great friend’s wedding and he jumped right in the middle and danced in front of 30+ adults. An older gentleman came up to me and said, “I want to get his autograph because he is going to be someone someday.” Haha, that made me smile.


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He is such a fun little guy to be around. While Ella Rose is at school, Owen and I do a music class together. Even though we miss our girl, it is nice to spend the alone time with him that I never got to spend with him being the second born. And while Ella Rose is in her gymnastics class, Owen and I do a mom/tot class. He loves running all around, sliding into the pit, and doing forward rolls. He’ll even throw his arms up and start it himself ;-).  I also ended up signing him up for the survival swim class that Ella Rose did. With him being so fearless, I wanted to be sure he can swim on his own by next summer. It is amazing what they can do with babies in this class! He already can float on his back alone, and flip over in the water. His coach is so sweet with him, and even though it is not his favorite activity right now, it is a life skill and he’s already progressing so well!



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One of the best things about being a mom is watching the kids’ relationship grow. For a while, the concept of sharing was nonexistent and there were lots of screaming battles…but now, Ella Rose and Owen have really turned a corner together. They are now playing with one another, giggling, and running everywhere together. Just the other morning they wanted to go play in the basement together ALONE…so, a little hesitant… I let them, I sat upstairs nearby drinking my tea and eating breakfast and told BK, “shhhh come here quick because this moment might not last long, do you hear that? They’re playing together and it’s quiet and I can actually eat my breakfast.” I’ll never forget that moment ha! I hope this is only the beginning of forever relationship.


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Overall, we had quite the summer; traveling to see family and our big trip to Europe. So it’s nice to take it easy for a while. We hope to go back for a Notre Dame game eventually. BK hasn’t been in two years, and that’s unheard of for him, so we hope to do that. We will also see family for the holidays and have my family visiting over the next few months so that will be great. Stay tuned for more!


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Happy Fall Y’all!

XO Jillian

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  1. James Casey says:

    Your observations of your children are spot on and so touching! I can feel the emotions and the wonderment of your watching them grow and develop. I wish I could be there to be a part of it all. We miss you guys so much! Lots of love, Uncle Jim.

    • totesamom says:

      Awe thanks Uncle Jim, that’s so nice! I’m so happy you enjoy reading it. We miss you so much too! That’s why I like to share this, so you can learn more about them too! Love you.

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